Who is the tarotist

The tarotist is the person who read or interprete the tarot cards.

The tarotist initially shuffles the cards, and then the interested party proceeds to cut them if desired and choose a certain number of cards.

The tarotist will turn the cards and proceed to read their meaning and interpret it to answer the question asked by the person concerned.

There is no academic training that can turn a person into a tarotist, this path is very long and is based both on the study of the different figures of the tarot cards and the different types of runs and their corresponding interpretations.

While there are people who are born predestined for a particular function or activity, as it is true that there in relation to becoming a true tarot will be the experience gained after hundreds and hundreds of runs and tarot card readings that will end up refining the predictions of the tarot.

There is therefore no graduation among tarot players in terms of knowledge, percentage of success in predictions or even in terms of practice.

Some tarot players can become famous through TV programs or websites with high traffic, although its function is not to be a celebrity but to try to shed light on the doubts and questions of the person concerned in the most accurate way the questions of those who consult them.

Tarotist can be professionals or amateurs, among the first is normal to charge for guessing services, some services that can make from different approaches, the best is always the contact and the proximity of a live tarot session, where only you, the person concerned, and the taroists are present in addition to the cards and your questions.

There are many other methods in addition to the private live sessions for a professional tarot can offer their services, it is common to have tarot readings by phone numbers with special rates, ie a number that charges a minute at the price of gold, in these cases the person concerned should be careful not to question too open questions.

Other more modern methods also used by some professional taroists are reading tarot cards by video conference. Using Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp or similar.

The price of the services of a tarot reader can vary, usually charged by print run and not by time, but of course the exception is the telephone print run, because depending on the complexity and especially the extent of the question this can take more or less time and be quite expensive.