The Tarot is...

The tarot is a tool to provide some perspective and light to the questions asked by the interested party.

The tarot is a set of cards, a deck, with figures that contain different meanings.

Tarot cards will try to provide answers and quantify the possibilities to a specific question that must be formulated by the person before a roll of cards.

Before the cards are dealt, the interested party must ask himself the question on which he wants to shed light by cutting the deck and choosing a certain number of cards that will depend on the type of tarot to expose them face down, so that they are not visible on the table.

From that moment on, the tarot reader, the tarotist, will be in charge of reading and interpreting the cards, being the set of cards chosen by the interested party.

To interpret the tarot cards, the tarotist will turn them and some of the different figures that make up the tarot cards will be visible.

The reading of the tarot cards differs depending on the type of tarot, as there are different types of tarot and different ways of throwing them, read them and interpret the possible answers to the question of the person concerned.

The tarot reading is usually private, without more people than the person and the tarot.