Tarot free readings

Tarot card reads can be free under different circumstances. Although we are used to tarot sessions being paid, there are some ways to get free spins.

Among these free tarot readings we have the promotional ones, perhaps the most interesting because they are a kind of professional tarot readings. Tarot readings are where a certain professional tarot reader can offer a certain number of free tarot readings via telephone, TV or video conference in order to attract new customers.

There will also be those tarot readings done by apprentices and amateurs, readings that far from seeking business, can read the cards to family and friends.

Finally we have the automated tarot readings, which you can do yourself on websites or through computer applications and mobile apps.

Let’s see the different types of free tarot readings more in depth.

Professional tarot readings in promotion

With this type of professional and free tarot card readings I refer to those eventually made by some tarot players, most of the time to attract new customers or to prevail against the emergence of new tarot players in your space.

These can be specific promotions, when for whatever reason they need to increase their number of customers or recover them when for example have been on vacation and want to return to make “noise” after their return and thus generate the call effect.

Sometimes these free tarot readings are confined to specific times where the tarot players have less work and thus be able to complete and balance their workday.

From the user’s point of view this is an advantage because we can take advantage of these promotions to get a free tarot reading by a real specialist.

To access these offers the best thing is to search and visit the websites of tarot dealers to see if they have any active promotion at that time.

Free tarot readings among friends

This type of free tarot readings are usually common among friends, where there is a person who is usually fond of tarot card readings or an apprentice who is making his way and getting experience in the tarot card circulation.

These free tarot readings have the problem of the friendship itself, so that the card reader tends to sweeten the readings on his friend, avoiding saying some realities that may not be positive to the one who is undergoing the card draw. Also the fact that it may be an apprentice or amateur will influence the accuracy of the reading, lower than a professional, however the more runs more experience will acquire, is the way, and somehow, we have all started reading tarot cards to friends, family and acquaintances, only the years of experience and mental disposition that we have will improve our accuracy in the readings.

Tarot readings on websites

Finally there are the automated tarot readings, ie through the use of websites or applications and without the direct intervention of a tarot reader.

These tarot readings give you a very vague free reading of the tarot cards. We must differentiate from those websites that you can make personal runs through video conferencing systems and therefore are not automated.

It is common that some websites about tarot, even professional tarot players have, in addition to the personal service, a free and automatic tarot reading system. With these systems can create traffic to your site, people who may then require a manual payment run by the tarot owner of the site in question.

All these sites usually include random shuffling of cards so that then the user to be made the reading of cards point to the cards of your choice from all those that are on the screen.

The reading of the cards is automatic and builds a kind of dialogue, as would an apprentice tarot player based on the isolated meanings of each card.

This is where the reading can be either too relative or even wrong or nonexistent, since the interpretation of such reading should have a thread that emerges from the different cards and this a program or automated application, no matter how much artificial intelligence you have, probably will not be able to interpret it as if it would a professional tarotist.

We will analyze the websites of the most reliable tarotists.

Free tarot runs through computer applications

Like websites that provide you with such tarot card reading systems exist for computers, some tarot applications that have some success, and are quite used.

There are many PC applications for reading tarot cards, for Mac computers there are many less but you can also find them.

Here are a few computer tarot applications for you to check our opinion.

The free nature of this type of tarot readings is not entirely true since many of these apps have an initial purchase price, which is usually not expensive and once paid you can do yourself or others as many card draws as you need. For this reason it is important to know which tarot applications are the most appropriate.

Free tarot spins via mobile phone

It would be a very similar case, not to say identical to that of tarot runs and readings through web pages or applications, actually a mobile app is the same as a web or an app but installable on a computer or mobile phone.

The great advantage of mobile phones is its size, very similar to a card, and the touch capacity of the screen in addition to its much more personal than a PC, making it a very attractive device to throw the tarot.

As in the case of applications and websites, we are going to compile the best mobile tarot apps available today.