Daily Tarot readings

Under this concept of daily tarot, we can have two broad and very different meanings, which refers to a tarot with a general reading and common to all, such as those published by some tarot readers on their website, or a daily tarot in reference to a daily personal tarot reading.

Common daily tarot reading

This type of daily tarot readings is a concept similar to that of the horoscopes, are readings about how the current day will go to the reader.

Because of its wide prediction in terms of the number of people it is obvious that its prediction will not be very accurate and that it must be considered as something very vague and general.

Currently there are many websites that offer this type of daily tarot readings for free.

In some you must enter the date of birth, in others choose one or more cards that offers the deck face down and then be interpreted automatically.

Personal daily readings

With the daily personal tarot readings we do not refer to those more complete tarot runs that a person consults daily or almost daily. That is, the circulation and reading is not common to all people on that day.

The print run can be done by a person, a professional tarot reader, a friend or yourself.

If the reading of the daily tarot is done by a professional tarot reader will have a very high cost, if it is a friend you’re probably telling too many secrets, so the option of using automated systems and no cost, such as tarot websites and tarot apps is not a bad idea.

Tarot reading periods

The tarot reading does not have a minimum or maximum frequency, it is not a regular consultation with a psychologist, personal trainer or anything like that.

Its frequency can be marked by changes in your life, the achievement of certain goals and ultimately the doubt before new and promising ways, but we should also include as moments to throw the card, the confirmation of failures and defeats.

Is it good to throw the tarot every day?

As in everything in this life, on what is the frequency to throw the tarot cards should prevail that it is important to enjoy a balance and avoid excesses. For this reason or this thought would not be foolish to warn you that from tarot.ist advise against daily tarot readings for long periods.

However, it may be that in short periods of your life and certain you do need a more daily guidance to your doubts and the changes to which you submit your life. At that time you may have to resort to the tarot reading on a continuous and daily basis. But this period of time should not be extended forever.

Limit how long is the maximum period to be reading the tarot daily is not something that arises from a mathematical formula or a universal experience, but there is a popular saying or urban legend that warns us that everything we repeat for more than 21 consecutive days our mind makes it a routine, and in the case of tarot probably an obsession.

So let’s establish that two weeks reading the tarot daily would be our maximum recommendation in case of need.

The cost of daily tarot readings

The cost that can be a daily tarot reading done by a professional is high, and can generate economic problems, for this reason it is advisable that after visiting a professional tarot you can learn somehow to throw the tarot cards by yourself and perform a reading based on a minimum knowledge that you can even learn on this page.

Reading the cards with different tarot players

This is a practice that people can do, where for example if after a reading of the cards receive a negative prediction tend to consult another tarot reader to either confirm that it will or to try to counteract the previous negative reading with another more positive.

This practice will certainly not be good, to begin with we should not judge the prediction from a personal perspective as to whether we like or dislike what the tarot reader is predicting. If not in fact, if after the first readings with a professional and after time we see that the predictions are fulfilled means that the tarot reader is the one that works best for you, on the contrary if you do not succeed, it is probably because it is not the tarot reader that suits you best.

A tarot reader who predicts the future accurately and repeatedly to a friend or relative does not imply that you have the same accuracy in your readings as with that person. This is because each tarot reader can be more receptive to some than others.