Marseilles Tarot

As you can see after reading and understanding carefully the interpretation of each card under the Marseilles Tarot, this does not differ much from the other types of tarots, such as the Egyptian Tarot or the Love Tarot or the Gypsy Tarot, however you will find subtle nuances under which you can be more accurate in your readings if the Marseilles Tarot is postulated as the most appropriate for your tarot runs.

Meaning of Marseilles tarot major arcane cards

In our compilation on the meaning of the Major Arcana Marseilles Tarot cards, we wanted to give it a special treatment. We begin by asking what each card means, so that you can visualize it from the figure or drawing it contains, so we explain what is the most common printing you will find in this deck of Marseilles Tarot, then we explain the reading of the card in its normal position, without it being inverted, and finally the inverted position.

It is common to think that the normal position brings positive readings while the inverted one will bring us a negative interpretation. This is partly true for many cards, but not for all of them, since the readings of the Marseilles Tarot cards should not be treated from a positive or negative point of view, but as one more element of the story that the rest of the cards belonging to the same deck weave.

What can we extract from The Magician’s Card in the Tarot de Marseille?

The Magician’s Card represents power, and it is almost always given a meaning of success. The ability to achieve what one wants and proposes.

This success of which this Wizard’s Card speaks is not the result of luck, as in other cards of the same deck, no, it is the consequence of wisdom.

It is also a card that is often related to vitality, energy and youth, as well as the self-confidence typical of people who have the reins of their lives.

If this card is reversed, you are probably shedding light on unexpected changes, such as cheating, infidelity and other types of betrayals.

If your focus is more on a job, you are announcing problems at work or that we will not succeed in our own businesses if we are entrepreneurs.

How to interpret The Card of the Priestess or the Pope in the Marseille Tarot?

It is a card that belongs to the group of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles.

The Priestess card, also known as the card of the pope usually has a drawing of a woman holding a book or an old parchment in her hands. At the same time she is surrounded by elements that give her a certain mystical air, related to our satellite, the Moon, and that will speak to us of fertility and intuition.

One of her interpretations is about the knowledge that the person to whom the tarot is being thrown has about himself or herself.

A positive reading will shed light on aspects such as fertility, the period of management of women, and everything related to growth, even outside the purely reproductive, as would be the good progress and growth of personal projects.

In an inverted reading, the card becomes a manipulative and tyrannical person.

How to read The Empress Card in the Marseilles Tarot?

The card of the Empress in the Marseilles tarot usually contains an image of a woman in queen’s clothing sitting on a throne.

This card will speak to us of the feminine, of the sensuality and the affective capacity of the person.

As with the rest of the cards, its interpretation will be conditioned by the rest of the cards that accompany the print run, what will be common to all these print runs will be the discourse of harmony and balance before life, as well as that of motherhood or fatherhood and the concept of family.

From a positive reading the energy will be positive and affective, on the other hand if the same is inverted, it will speak to us of a possible loss of emotional stability as well as of an imperious need to take care of oneself more.

What does The Emperor’s Card mean in the Marseilles Tarot?

The Card of the Emperor usually contains a well-decorated man sitting on a throne.

Unlike the corresponding female card, the Empress card, the Emperor is a card that refers to the exaltation of the purely earthly, material pleasure and wealth as well as power and authority.

This card will warn us of imminent changes that the person concerned will have to face in order to master them, even if this means a great increase in his or her dose of responsibility. In the same way, a positive reading forebodes stability in our work as well as announcing that we are on the right path. Its inverted printing means doubts, insecurity and loss of strength that could be due to unexpected accidents.

What does the High Priest’s Card or the Pope’s Tarot of Marseilles portend for us?

This card, of great importance in the Marseilles Tarot, is also called the Hierophant’s Card.

Depending on the origin of the deck, the drawing can vary slightly, but in general it is represented by a man with a crown on his head sitting in front of some columns.

This card of the High Priest represents the spirituality of man, the divine and wisdom.

Its presence in a print run is related to ethical behavior or the exercise of order and doctrine. It is a card of divine nature.

If the rest of the cards accompany it it can announce the good path, on the other hand if it appears inverted it can imply deception, betrayal and that you do not know who you can trust.

How to interpret The Lovers’ Card of the Marseille Tarot?

The card known as the Lovers’ Card or the Lovers’ Card has one of the representations that can vary from one deck to another, since sometimes it is represented by a drawing where only one person appears, the lover or the lover, and other times it is represented by two, three or even four people.

In the representations of three people you can give a drawing of a man and two women, rarely you will find a deck with a woman and two men, in the ones of four people a cupid will join them.

The meaning of the lovers card in the Marseilles tarot will have, as in the rest of the cards, a double meaning that may or may not be opposed. In this case, neither of the two meanings is negative, or at least it is not negative in a clear and forceful way as in other cards.

So, in its normal reading we have an agreement between two people, an agreement that can go beyond the strictly sentimental, for example work agreements as well as affective agreements, like a new couple, a wedding, etc.

In its inverted reading it can indicate to us that we are going to face an important decision in our lives, that is to say a crossroads in our way on which we should meditate in the most absolute tranquillity not to take the wrong way.

How to read The Tarot Card in the Marseille Tarot?

The Tarot Card of Marseilles usually contains an image of a man on a horse-drawn cart.

It is a card that symbolizes power and strength, but also distance and travel.

The normal reading of this card can shed light on a triumph, an achievement and a reward for a job well done. Even though this reward may be a sacrifice for us, like having to move to another faraway place, the distance and the journey.

The most negative part of this card of the Marseilles Tarot will be obtained in its inverted reading, and it will be showing us a clear stagnation in our progress or a relapse into illness or bad habits.

What to read in The Tarot of Marseilles?

The representation that we can find in the Tarot de Marseille Justice Card is a woman with a crown that in one hand carries a scale and in the other a sword.

These symbols represent justice, balance, rigor and harmony.

The normal position of the card will speak to us of perfection, something that the person to whom the tarot is being interpreted longs for, although we could also choose to read it as the balance between two opposing forces that are facing each other in the person concerned.

If the card of justice appears in the print run in an inverted position, it will be talking about the opposite of balance, restlessness, disorder and insecurity.

How to interpret The Hermit Card in the Marseilles Tarot?

The Hermit is another card that belongs to the cards of the Major Arcana in the Marseilles Tarot, in them we can find a figure of an old man standing on a stick.

In general terms, the interpretation of this card of the Marseilles Tarot is usually associated with wisdom, contemplation and prudence.

In a normal position we can interpret it as loneliness, not being negative, and opting for one or another reading will depend more on the cards surrounding this card than on this card itself, since in the opposite sense we can read it as a card of the complete life and the decision making after a deep reflection.

If we find the card upside down it will be announcing unpleasant situations, such as frustration or impotence in the face of a situation.

What does The Wheel of Fortune Card mean in the Marseille Tarot?

The figure that decorates this important card is a wheel, which will normally contain six spokes, surrounded by animals, which may well be monkeys, bulls, lions or a combination of both.

Usually it will represent the transformation.

For this card it does not usually matter what the position is, whether it is normal or inverted it forebodes the arrival of important movements in life, surprises that are going to change our way of acting in general.

This card will not announce if these changes are not going to tell us if they are for good or for bad, it is neutral as far as affectation is concerned, it will be the cards that accompany it in the print run that decant the reading towards one side or the other.

What meaning should be given to the reading of The Strength of the Marseilles Tarot Card?

The strange artistic representation of a woman with a hat shaped like the symbol of infinity trying to open the mouth of a fearsome lion is at least a curious figure.

This figure, if it comes out in the print run, will bring us luck and possibly victory in our projects.

With the card seen in a normal way we obtain a tremendously positive and direct meaning since it will indicate luck, a fortune that will accompany you and will give you great doses of energy and vitality.

However, when the card appears inverted, be careful, it will be indicating the opposite, weakness and lack of encouragement to any project.

How to read The Hanging Card in the Marseille Tarot?

The graphic of the hanging card in the Marseilles Tarot is very disturbing, a man hanging from a tree or between two trees, face down, a hanged man tied hand and foot.

The generic symbolism that this card brings us is that of passivity and little interest in the things or projects that we should face, although it may be much more negative than what it really wants to convey.

In any of its two positions, normal or inverted, it will be indicating a lack of decision in the face of a situation that requires making a choice, and this situation will always be a crucial or delicate situation, not at all banal.

Although its interpretation can be broadened depending on the rest of the cards that accompany the roll towards a kind of warning about the existence of different perspectives to deal with a specific situation, which should help us to flank the problem from another point of view and make a better decision.

What does The Death Card mean in the Marseilles Tarot?

The Death Card in the Marseilles Tarot deck, also known as the unnamed arcane card, shows us a skeleton with a scythe. Sometimes, around that drawing, hands and faces appear on the floor, as if they had been cut by death.

Although the meaning may seem tremendously negative, it is not entirely so, since its meaning could well be that changes are coming, and therefore it will depend a lot on the cards that we find around it.

A typical interpretation of the death card is that certain things will disappear from our life, but these will not necessarily be people we love, they could be behaviours we are ashamed of.

However, if the card is reversed, the meaning will almost always be negative and we will have to be concerned about it in some way.

What do we interpret from The Temperance Card in the Marseilles Tarot?

The image that will accompany the Temperance card is that of a winged angel filling a vessel, probably with water.

With this card we will obtain the symbolism of the correct measure of things and of strength.

If the card is on the table in the correct sense, its reading should be positive, since it implies balance and it will be indicating to us the modesty and austerity that we practice in life, although in a certain way and attending to the rest of the card it could be read as the possibility of announcing to us a challenge that could suppose a challenge for self-control.

What reading is given to The Devil’s Card in the Marseilles Tarot?

The symbol that appears in the Devil’s Card is the image of a devil, half human half animal, occasionally, depending on the deck, it may be accompanied by other infernal creatures.

The representation, although it may be negative, is not always so, although on one hand can echo the forces of evil, can also symbolize power, animal instinct and a powerful will.

The reading in its normal position should be interpreted as a break with what was previously established, as a new impulse of our triumph over destiny, hence the connotations of power given to the devil’s card.

Of course, we should not forget who or what is under the concept of The Devil, and this is none other than the forces of evil, so its reading can easily lead to negative aspects, such as foul play or the existence of strong temptations.

What is the reading of The Tower Card in the Marseilles Tarot?

This card of the Marseilles tarot is also known as the House of God card. It usually depicts a tower partially destroyed by a fire or a lightning strike on the tower.

By its image its symbolism is easy to understand, we are before the destruction.

The interpretation we should give to the card of The Tower under the influence of the Tarot of Marseille is that of profound changes initiated by something or someone over which we can not exercise any control, often the future of life will be the component that approaches us to these great changes.

The changes they announce are usually worse, may even be giving light on an imminent emotional break with a loved one. Although it could also be reflecting only the strength of a person who showers very hard, even partially destroyed in the shower, to get what you want.

Whatever the interpretation of The Tower Card in the Marseilles tarot, it implies, struggle, restlessness.

What reading is given to The Star Card in the Marseilles Tarot?

The drawing printed on this card is that of a naked woman under a sky full of stars picking up and dropping water from a river with two jugs.

The concept behind this card of The Star is youth, beauty, clarity and luck.

The appearance of The Star card in a print run will tell us about a moment of renewal, rebirth and new possibilities. In the case that we are going through previous moments of darkness, the card of The Star will bring us light, clarity.

In the case that the card appears inverted, be careful, it will be talking about delays in something that we expect and concerns that will keep us busy in them.

What interpretation should be given to The Moon Card in the Marseille Tarot?

The image that we will be able to observe in The Moon Chart is that of our satellite located at the top and some animals, dogs that look towards the moon next to a river in which there is a species of crab.

A chart that represents the hidden, the mysteries and with it, the darkness.

In the interpretation of this card of The Moon we will have special care because it can be announcing that something in your life is not as it seems.

Also the Moon card in the Marseille tarot can refer to a change that one refuses to accept or even that another person is hiding something from us.

We must fight against this card with the intuition we treasure.

What interpretation should be given to The Sun Card in the Marseilles Tarot?

The outstanding figure, which is not the only one, of this card is the representation of a great Sun, the star that illuminates our planet, in the drawing it sometimes appears accompanied by a couple of happy children.

In general terms, the card of the Sun in the Marseilles Tarot represents light, joy and prosperity, that is to say, it is a really positive card, or not, if it appears inverted.

So, in its normal position, it will guarantee us good and new omens in practically all aspects, from love to health and work.

On the contrary, if the card appears inverted, it will announce the absence of sun, a path of shadows and darkness.

What reading can we take from The Judgment Card in the Marseilles Tarot?

The graphic representation of the Major Arcane of The Card of Judgment is given by an angel announcing three naked people, one of whom is in a tomb.

The symbol behind the drawing tells us about the separation between the material and the spiritual, between truth and lies.

Its reading in a normal position will announce transformations in life, these transformations can come in the form of old projects that are reinforced or relegated, the transformation can be for good or for bad and it will be the rest of the cards of the tarot print that will define one or another direction, or the appearance of new opportunities.

In the case of the inverted card appearing, it could be indicating that these changes or transformations are not convenient for us with almost total security.

How to interpret The World Card in the Marseilles Tarot?

In the card of The World appears a naked woman surrounded by four figures representing the four elements.

The World is a card that in the Marseilles Tarot indicates triumph and fullness.

The meaning of the card of The World is positive in its normal reading, it will tell us about the desires, that we will reach them.

In its inverted reading, it will speak to us of a loss in our well-being.

What reading can we take from The Fool’s Card in the Marseilles Tarot?

Represented by a man with a bundle that vaguely resembles a jester.

The Fool is one of the most powerful and difficult presences to interpret in the Tarot of Marseille, since its possible and different readings can be totally contradictory.

If the result is interpreted as positive, we would be facing the announcement of freedom, independence and spontaneity.

However, this spontaneity and freedom typical of the madman can lead to negative aspects almost simultaneously, such as an excess of irresponsibility, immaturity, impulsiveness and, in short, imbalance.