Love Tarot

The Love tarot is a variant of the traditional tarot where the different cards that make up the tarot deck are given a greater depth in the sense of relationships between humans.

Love tarot is a bit different of Marseilles Tarot or Gypsy Tarot and Egyptian Tarot

Uses of Love tarot

That is, the main uses of love tarot is to consult about our interpersonal relationships.

In the Love tarot, without varying too much from the traditional tarot, the main use that is given takes a much more intimate and personal to give answers to the typical questions of the heart as:

  • Am I going to start a new relationship?
  • Does this guy like me?
  • Am I going to get to go out with him?
  • Is my husband cheating on me?

Meaning of love tarot cards

Let’s see then the different meanings traditionally given to each of the tarot cards under the specialty of love tarot, doing it under the focus of a question about whether we are going to start a new love relationship.

The order of the love cards that we reflect below goes from the card that throws us a more positive reading to the most negative.

Although it should be noted that you should always read a set of cards and not stay with a single card. It is the complete print run that should provide an accurate reading of the love tarot and not each card in isolation, the interpretation can vary and much depending on the combination of cards that come out in your print run.

The sun card in the Love Tarot

The sun card is probably the most positive of all the cards within the love tarot, because even enjoying different readings, all these readings are very positive, let’s see some. If we are in a so-called toxic relationship, the sun card will not announce the possibility of our liberation, if we are in a relationship with which we are happy, it will speak to us of authenticity and that we can relax in it because it will be positive, and if we are not in a relationship but we look for it, it will be telling us that we will find it and that it will be successful.

The high priest card in the Love Tarot

The high priest is one of the cards with a more positive reading within the context of the love tarot, since it indicates to us that we are going to establish a relationship with someone who is faithful, who will give us respect and love on a daily basis and therefore we can come to establish a very stable and balanced relationship.

The Lovers’ card in the Love Tarot

The Lovers’ card is without a doubt one of the best cards you can find, a prelude to a sweet and caramelized love on the horizon.

The Star card in the Love Tarot

The star card is one of the best cards you can get in a typical love tarot print, since it will be telling us that we are in a great moment to meet someone new who can fill our lives with true love.

The Emperor card in the Love Tarot

The emperor card represents in some way the opposite of the crazy card, the authority and protection of the family so it is easy to interpret it as a new person with whom we can enjoy a lasting relationship.

The Empress card in the Love Tarot

The empress, a tarot card that will represent a person of our environment, within our intimate circle and with whom we understand each other perfectly, so it will indicate that we can start a new relationship with a person we already know.

The Charriot card in the Love Tarot

The charriot card will indicate that in the case of being already in a relationship or about to start one, there will be several ups and downs that are represented by the movement of a cart. However, the carriage chart does not imply any break in the love relationship, but rather, as a carriage allows us to move forward, the movement will predict a constant advance in the relationship, despite these ups and downs.

The death card in the Love Tarot

Death, within the tarot of love, is a card that does not have to represent something negative, on the contrary, it will almost always speak to us of changes, of a relationship dying so that another relationship is born. So it is probably predicting the appearance of someone new in our lives, but also that we must first give up something previous or overcome an obstacle before we can establish a relationship with this new character

The Temperance card in the Love Tarot

The temperance card in Love tarot will ask us exactly what your figure reflects, temperance, that is patience in our situation, where if we are in a relationship be permissive and compensate what we see bad in our partners with their virtues, if we are not in a relationship but we long for one is going to talk about the possibility of enjoying some tranquility to get there, not wanting to run and have patience until it comes.

The hanging card in the Love Tarot

The hanging is another figure that will indicate that we should wait for a future relationship, or to consolidate the current relationship. But it is not going to be a quiet wait