Gypsy Tarot

The gypsy tarot is one of the types of tarot readings that dispute the recognition of the original tarot, being the Egyptian tarot the other type of tarot that enters the contest in this particular recognition.

Although, from the gypsy race, from which derives the nickname of “gypsy tarot”, we really know little for sure since various origins are attributed to this fabulous nomadic ethnic group, including the own that their origin is Egyptian.

Be that as it may, at this moment we are not going to deal in a deep way with which is the original tarot, but we are going to go into the interpretation of each card from the unique approach of the gypsy tarot.

The gypsy tarot deck

It is the most different deck from the rest of the tarot cards, its figures and drawings differ and much from the rest of the tarot types, like the commented Egyptian tarot or even the most used Marseilles tarot or the romantic Love tarot.

Its number of cards is 36, unlike the rest of the decks that are usually composed by a total of 78 cards, that is, the gypsy tarot contains half of the cards of the other most popular tarots.

It is a tarot that contains a higher proportion of positive or optimistic cards than other tarot decks, so its character and interpretation is usually in the vast majority of positive interpretations.

Some of the cards have a very similar interpretation, practically identical, although the gypsy tarot differs from the rest in that it has more cards whose meaning is fundamentally dependent on the rest, that is to say, the cards that are left or right.

Within the cards we have therefore many with a positive meaning, some few with a negative interpretation, and others with a neutral meaning, that is to say that in principle they are not independently positive or negative, they are tarot cards that will lean towards one or another interpretation depending on the other cards that surround them.

The cards of the gypsy tarot deck

The main male person

This is a card that is always considered as positive, being able to represent both the person to whom the cards are thrown and a very influential person in his life.

The main female person

Like the main male card, it is a tarot card that is given a clear positive reading and represents the person who is reading the cards or a very influential person in that person’s life.

The Marriage card

It is a card that is given a neutral reading, its meaning always oriented to issues of love and appreciation between people.

The card of the Meeting

A card with a positive reading that will let us see that the person who consults the gypsy tarot is a person with a correct emotional stability

The Good Man’s card

Again, a card with a positive interpretation in the gypsy tarot, usually refers to the father figure, ie the father of which the tarot cards are thrown. Although this father figure is not always in the strictest and most familiar sense, since it can be considered as a father someone who has exercised a great influence on the person, from a teacher and a student, to a boss with his apprentice.

The good man’s card can appear at crucial moments of our lives when we must make decisions and we need the support and opinion of this father figure.

The Good Woman’s card

Another card with a positive reading, which tells us about the person we usually turn to for advice.

Its main meaning is that of good advice.

The false person

A radical change of meaning for the card of the missing person, it is a card whose reading is frankly negative, and announces that a person who is probably very close to us treats us hypocritically even though we do not know how to see it.

If this card appears in our print run, we must be especially careful with our environment, both people and material objects, since it can also lead to accidents and material damage.

The Pleasant card

We return to the right path with a positive card, this card known as “the pleasant card” in the gypsy tarot speaks to us of how we relate to our environment.

It is a card that should be interpreted, like the rest of the tarot cards, although perhaps with a special predisposition in a non-isolated way and keeping very much in mind the cards that surround it, in this way we can both be more accurate with the “environment around you”, and subtract positivity from the presence of the card if these cards that surround it have negative components, however it will always be assumed that it is a positive card.

The card of change in the gypsy tarot

This is another of the cards with an always positive interpretation, and as its name indicates it will shed light on a change, a movement and the arrival of new perspectives in our lives.

The card of The Journey

Another chart that contains positivism, indicates the ability to travel, to move and to move, although it does not have to be under a single context of mobility between cities or countries but mostly, with the things and events that are going to change in our lives.

It is a card that is usually interpreted in the same way as the card of The Change in the gypsy tarot.

The Make Money Card

This card, very positive in terms of the economic part, is going to indicate that we are going to do well in business or that we are going to get the desired loan for our home or company, or who knows, that we are going to receive money in inheritance.

The card from The rich girl

Again another positive card, that card will be interpreted as a period of time where we are going to receive good news and we are going to enjoy a lot of what we already have, both in the material and in the passionate sense.

The card of the Good and Rich Man

We continue with the positive cards as far as the economic part is concerned, it shows us the success of our companies, of everything we undertake.

The card of the sad news

The tables are turned on a negative card, announcing disappointments and even some health problems.

It should be interpreted in a non-isolated way, keeping in mind the other cards around it.

The Good Ending in Love card

This card, always positive in nature, implies success or happiness in practically any aspect, and not only in the sentimental one although by the name of the card it could be interpreted as exclusive in love is not so.

In any case, it is a positive card in the gypsy tarot.

The card of your thoughts

A totally neutral card that from the focus of our thoughts and concerns can take a positive or negative side depending entirely on the cards that accompany the print run of the tarot we are reading.

The Gift Card

Again another positive card, announcing the arrival of new news or new opportunities and experiences in our lives.

The Little Child’s card

Positive card in the gypsy tarot that relates to the beginning of something, whether it is a project, a business or even new studies.

The Death Card

It is a neutral card, although it is common to see a certain fear in the print run of this card for all people, it almost never predicts that fatal destiny that many try to ignore and that in itself is part of life.

Among some of the various positive readings given to the death card in the gypsy tarot we have the announcement of the end of something, of a period that can be unpleasant, a change of era.

The House card

This is the card of stability and security in the gypsy tarot, therefore it is a card with a positive reading.

The Living Room Card

It is a card with clear positive connotations, is usually interpreted in terms of private life, ie that the cards around it will shape your private life.

The card of El Militar

Again we have another chart under a clear optimistic interpretation, although by its graphic content, where a military can appear may have connotations of war and unrest, this time the military is related to authority.

It is about a good authority, and that someone exercises it on us and that it is probably someone very close to us.

The Judgment card

The judgement card is a neutral card, it will be the adjacent cards that define its full reading, however this reading will speak to us in some way of the judgement itself on the basis that we will have to make decisions in determining aspects.

The Theft card

A negative card that will indicate the possible loss of something, something that does not have to be exclusively of the material world, as it can be lost things like time, illusion or even love for another person.

The card of The Honor

Once again a card in the gypsy tarot of positive orientation that will announce the success in our objectives.

The Great Fortune card

As you can surely imagine from the name of the card, this card is good, very good for the one who is throwing away the cards, in a way we can see it as the end of a bad period, the resolution of a big problem or even the beginning of a new project that is going to breathe energy and joy into us.

The Unexpected Money gitane’s tarot card

The interpretation of the Unexpected Money card has a positive and very simple interpretation, since it indicates that we are going to see improvements in our lives.

The symbolism of money, typical of that which is most materialistic, can be interpreted as an improvement in the material and not so much on a sentimental level.

The card of Hope

Another card that announces the imminent arrival of positive things and moments in our lives. There are several gypsy tarot cards that announce the arrival of new things or people that will result in a change or improvement in our lives, although in this case the arrival is not something unexpected but something we hope will happen.

The card from The Prison

This is another of the few negative cards contained in the gypsy tarot, with it announces an isolation from reality, hence the image of prison.

This isolation can be either by one’s own thoughts or by a blockage coming from another person.

Be that as it may, this card indicates a stop or isolation is not always voluntary.

The Judge’s card

A card that belongs to that type of neutral gypsy tarot cards and that must be complemented with the rest of the cards in order to extract a correct interpretation.

Although its interpretation must have a personal level in that it is something related to what we think, whether positive or negative, but that somehow we need to exteriorize and share it with other people.

The card of The Disease

A negative card that tells us that something is not right in our life, something that can be related to health, as it would be easy to interpret by the name of the card, but that can also be related to love or even money.

The interpretation of the card of The Sickness in the gypsy tarot is very dependent on the cards that accompany the print so we should keep in mind the cards that accompany it.

The card of Sorrows and Disgusts

A card with a negative interpretation will announce a series of problems and concerns that are difficult to solve.

In a way it is a card that will tell us about the frustration of not being able to face and solve these situations

The card of Los Tristes Pensamientos

Again, another negative card, which will alert us to the possible appearance of unexpected situations to which we cannot react positively.

The card from The Work

The component of this card is positive although not by chance, its positivity is based on the effort we have made previously.

In some way it announces that we will be rewarded for the effort or work we have put into something or someone.

The card of The Long Way

The neutrality offered by a card whose meaning will come in time tells us something about projects, personal relationships, decisions that can influence us throughout our lives.

Like all neutral cards of the gypsy tarot, its interpretation will be very subject to the rest of the cards that accompany the spread of the tarot.

The Ocean Card


The last card of the gypsy tarot brings us the image of the sea, an ocean whose basic interpretation is positive but that can lead to different interpretations since it can speak to us both of the spiritual and of a moment in which we are somewhat dispersed, immersed in our sea of thoughts without having frequent and necessary contact with reality.

Although the summary of this card is that of success.