Egyptian Tarot

The Egyptian tarot is one of the most accurate sacred decks for a tarot roll.

In addition to its precision, its origin adds great doses of mysticism to the world of tarot, who is not passionate about the mysteries of Egypt. The Egyptian civilization for many historians and scholars can still teach us many things.

The Egyptian tarot is possibly the original tarot

TIt is said, although not proven in a completely reliable way, that the original tarot was the Egyptian tarot. That is, the original tarot from which the rest emerged.

Legend has it that the Egyptian god Thoth gave the Egyptians a book with 78 gold plates containing all the secrets of the human race.

It is easy to think that these 78 plates contained the figures of the tarot, since they correspond to the total of cards that add up the major arcana with the minor arcana.

Although other legends place the appearance and use of the tarot quite a few centuries later, placing it in the Middle Ages and in the hands of the gypsies with their also famous gypsy tarot.

Although really the similarity between both types of tarot, the Egyptian and the gypsy, is not less than surprising and perhaps for that reason, perhaps there is some possibility that the legend that points to the Egyptian tarot as the original tarot contains part of the truth of the history of tarot.

The Egyptian tarot is a difficult tarot to interpret

From the point of view of the tarot reader, the Egyptian tarot is one of the most complex in its reading, according to the tarot reader it is the one that entails more difficulty to achieve a high degree of reliability in the card printings.

Therefore, the Egyptian tarot is not a type of tarot reading that I would recommend to those who are initiated in tarot reading, even more so as there are other types of tarot readings much easier to interpret, and therefore we can get a greater success in our predictions.

Types of Egyptian Tarot Questions

The focus on the readings that the Egyptian tarot gives us makes it very appropriate for consultations related to friendship, family and work, and even to that which is related to love.

However in this last aspect, the Egyptian tarot can not compete with the tarot of love much more specialized, however and in defense of the Egyptian tarot we must understand that with it, you can formulate a wider variety of consultations.

The Egyptian Tarot deck

From a more physical point of view, and unlike other card decks, there are no so-called four suits, such as gold, cups, swords and clubs.

The total number of cards will be 78, like the vast majority of the decks used in tarot readings.

The images that appear in each of the Egyptian tarot cards are quickly related to that civilization because in its entirety contain Egyptian gods and hieroglyphics.

If we divide each card into three parts, we find that at the top is an illustration representing an Egyptian deity related to the spiritual and mental part of man, or what his mind thinks.

In the central part, we will have reflected the person who consults us, his way of being and his way of acting.

Finally, in its lower part will appear a symbol to help in the orientation of its reading on an earthly plane and although much more hidden, this last symbol will be where we should work more interpretation in the reading of the Egyptian tarot.

The Egyptian Tarot Arcana

The Egyptian tarot deck has a total of 78 cards that are distributed in 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

The Major Arcana are numbered cards and is the most important card for reading and interpretation in the Egyptian tarot, usually take 4 major arcana in a roll

We begin with the Major Arcana of the Egyptian Tarot; let us see some of their possible interpretations. Both in its normal position and in its inverted position.

Arcane I: The Magician

This card in its normal position is interpreted as the will and virtue in which we will persevere until triumph by overcoming numerous adverse moments with the corresponding perseverance. For this we will enjoy the wisdom and talent to achieve it.

In its negative reading we will have an insufficient will, the constant doubt, which in the end will make us unable to overcome the question it asks us and which can also announce that our will will be evil.

Arcane II: The High Priestess

It is interpreted as a great ability to accurately assess any situation even if it is complicated. On a more sentimental level, it can speak to us of an enormous passion as well as a deep rootedness with the spiritual.

On the other hand we have a reading that can give rise to a certain distancing produced by the arduous debate and the quarrel, as well as a superficial knowledge that turns us into proud ignoramuses.

Arcane III: The Empress

The reading of this card from the Queen of Heaven, will tell us about a union on the love plane of great solidity, and that love is reciprocated.

At the same time, if its reading is reversed, it can speak to us of the opposite, of the break-up of love and separation resulting from quarrels as well as of the infertility or infidelity of our couple.

Arcane IV: The Emperor

Eroticism, attraction and offspring as positive readings, on the other hand in the negative we will find detachment and coldness. It can also announce future economic gains in entrepreneurship.

As a contrary meaning we will have immaturity and lack of strength.

Arcane V: The Pope

This card will bring us great doses of altruism, emotional exchange in our relationships, kindness and inspiration in what we do.

In its opposite reading we will have carefree, extremely fragile and impotent.

Arcane VI: The Lover

This card is certainly one that will not go unnoticed. Unlike what we might think at first glance, almost all of its readings are negative.

We will be interposed by constant and paralyzing doubt, the envy of others and with them the traps, evils that can come from close friends.

Arcane VII: The Chariot

We will succeed in our projects, in our agreements, and we will overcome any adversity.

Although on the other hand it may be predicting disaster, or the loss of a valuable object or that someone will set a trap for us.

Arcane VIII: Justice

We are going to find something fortuitously or intensely fought that will bring us a victory in some way that was unexpected or that we considered unlikely. Also in some way it urges us to persevere in something concrete with a greater decision

In the reverse reading we will have ingratitude and severe judgment that will lead to financial problems.

Arcane IX: The Hermit

Its reading is not entirely positive, since it always begins in solitude, and with it in suffering. Perhaps because of the excessive trust we process towards something secret, like religion. But it is a card that also means the announcement of enlightenment and the advice of someone wise.

On its opposite side we will read the darkness, the bad advice and the immaturity that will lead us to an irremediable solitude.

Arcane X: The Wheel of Fortune

A transcendental reading in our lives that does not lean towards good or bad fortune, since it will be the combination of the reading of the different cards that make up the print run that will guide us in this important figure.

So, on the positive side we will have success, fortune and strength in some unexpected way and in its inverted position, failure and depression.

Arcane XI: The Force

This card predicts the mastery of the situation, the control needed to deal with procedures and our ability to convince, as well as announcing that we could confirm what one already suspected.

In a negative prediction it is a card that can also refer to the forgetfulness and abandonment of projects or situations, as well as immoral behavior or clear abuse of power.

Arcane XII: The Apostolate

Its meaning may not be good, announcing setbacks and material losses, but we can also turn that meaning around when we face reality and seek support from our friends.

In its normal reading it will speak to us of renunciation and sacrifice, of clumsiness and despondency, in its inverted reading it will be selfishness and lack of dedication.

Arcane XIII: Death

Meaning can take us from good to bad.

In a normal reading it will be the announcement of renewal, of unexpected changes or even of loss and failure and even death itself.

In its inverted position we will have stagnation in our lives, apathy and inertia.

Arcane XIV: Temperance

This card predicts what we are going to do or what we will have to do in perfect balance, under the cover of calm so as not to show ourselves hostile to others. It therefore announces harmony, compatibility and with it good omens.

In his reverse reading he will talk about excesses that can lead to health problems, lack of adaptation and conflict.

Arcane XV: The Passion

This tarot card will almost always provide us with a bad omen.

A normal reading of this card will give us negative relationships with violent situations, often of our own free will, as well as an excess of materialism and self-destruction.

In the reverse reading we will have the healing of an illness and the liberation of that which imprisons us.

Arcane XVI: Fragility

His reading is about the announcement of sudden changes in our future where we can move from betrayal to loyalty or from love and hate and vice versa.

In the inverted reading we could interpret it as the announcement of an accident, which can even bring us death as well as the appearance of strong and new needs.

Arcane XVII: Hope

The natural interpretation will be that of an intuition that will illuminate our path, a path in which we can find the birth of a child or financial gain. In any case, it is a positive development.

On the negative side, it can announce excessive obstinacy, doubt, pessimism or even a short illness or dissatisfaction, as well as a propensity to anger and reconciliation. At its worst, the abandonment of a relationship.

Arcane XVIII: The Twilight

This roll will debate us between successes and failures.

On the one hand in its normal position we will have both positive and negative elements such as inspiration before any project, intuition in relationships, but also the announcement that we must be wary of deception and selfishness.

In its inverted reading we will have the inconstancy and the constant change as well as results that seem never to come. Disappointmen

Arcane XIX: Inspiration

The increase of our power, the benefit deserved after our efforts or the arrival of legacies. On the plane of love, pure and sincere love.

In its negative reading we have the lack of work, the fights for inheritances and the disagreement in the results of our projects as well as a marked unhappiness.

Arcane XX: The Resurrection

He will talk to us about new initiatives that will reap a fortune as well as choices about existing ones that will bring success, the emergence of friends who are loyal to us and the recognition we can get.

On the opposite side, the fear of death, the lack of happiness and tranquility caused by profits that do not come, eye because it can also announce that certain friends who will betray us.

Arcane XXI: The Transmutation

The transmutation card, also known as the crazy card in the Egyptian tarot, will tell us about a long life, the inflow of money through inheritance and the ability to overcome obstacles.

In its inverted reading, rivals will appear to put themselves before ours, and it will speak to us of tyrants and dominant beings.

Arcana XXII: The Return

In madman card’s, or of the return we will have a normal reading we will have the madness, the extravagance until the delirium as well as certain insecurity and much passion.

On its opposite side we have, the isolation, the lying promise and the disillusionment as well as a wrong choice or lack of it, the indecision.

Arcana XXIII to LXXVIII: The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana of the Egyptian Tarot have their own names and represent daily scenes of life. There are many, as many as 56 Minor Arcana.